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France Malo Named a VIP Member of Worldwide Who’s Who for Excellence in Fine Art

‘Ms. Malo’s early interest in art blossomed into a career as a master of fine arts’

OTTERBURN PARK, QUEBEC, CANADA, December 20, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ — France Malo, Creatrice d’Art, Master in Fine Arts of Malo Creatrice d’Art, was recently named a VIP member of Worldwide Who’s Who. This special distinction honors individuals who have shown exceptional commitment to achieving personal and professional success.

Ms. Malo has 36 years of experience as a Master in Fine Arts of Malo Creatrice d’Art. In the course of her duties, she creates high-quality art work, including collectible Sgraffito ceramics series and sculptures; contemporary paintings featuring various subjects including sports figures, and horses; landscapes and portraits; and mixed media. Ms. Malo will participate in the next Gala Academia XX, where she will present an international piece for the Salon National des Beaux-Arts.

Looking back, Ms. Malo attributes her success to her curiosity, passion and her inexhaustible energy. She became involved in her profession when she first felt the passion that she experiences while drawing. At 14 years old, she was selected to participate in European TV Art Camps in France, Spain and Switzerland. The multidisciplinary artistic direction in her career was initiated by all those experiences. The most gratifying aspect of her career is being involved in the learning process through the arts.

Ms. Malo received a Master of Fine Arts from Academie Internationale des Beaux-Arts du Quebec, as well as a Bachelor of Communications from Universite du Quebec a Montreal in 1984. In addition to her degrees, she has received certifications from UCLA, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the Universite de Geneve, Mexico Universidad, and Santa Monica College. She is a member of Regroupement des Artistes en Arts Visuels du Quebec, CMAQ, CALQ, CMCC, CAPS, Associe SNBA, AEALP, IEAC, and IASL. In recognition of her talent and dedication, she was named Artist of the Year by the Gala Academia from 2001 until 2013. She has also received accolades from Associe Societe, an award from The European Institute of Contemporary Arts, and an award from The European Academy. To benefit others, Ms. Malo contributes to the Canadian Cancer Society, Economusee du Fier Monde, and Musee Maitre et Artisan. In years to come, Ms. Malo hopes to take up sports painting and give lectures all around the world about her learning experiences through art, sports and traveling.

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